Air Duct Cleaning Service Spruce Grove

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Air Duct Cleaning Service Spruce Grove

We are a flat rate air duct cleaning service company, you only need to fill out a few questions to get a free air duct cleaning estimate for your home. These prices are for homes located within Spruce Grove & Stony Plain, homes located outside 30km both directions from these two areas are subject to travel fee’s.

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As we are a flat-rate pricing company we only need you to answer a few questions to receive your free estimate. If the information that you enter is not correct the technician will go over the costs with you before starting the job. If all the information is correct you pay what you print off in the estimate, NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
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The following estimate is good for 30 days from creation. Please call us at 780-455-1188 to book your appointment and lock in the pricing. Please note that if you are located more than 30km outside our service area there will be a travel charge of $1.50 per KM in both directions after the first 30km. Please call to get a complete and accurate price if you live outside our regular service area. (Regular service area includes, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain)

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Flat Rate Pricing – NO HIDDEN FEE’S

We offer a flat-rate pricing system so you know exactly what you will be charged when the service is completed. Our online estimate form allows you to fill out the appropriate information so that you can see the price that you will be charged when the air duct cleaning service is completed.

You can email and print the estimate to show your technician if there is a discrepancy in the pricing. As long as all the equipment is listed on the estimate that is actually in the home then the estimate will be honored.

*This only applies to residential air duct cleaning services, not commercial ones.

We Are A QUADCA Certified Company

QUADCA Certification means that when you hire us to clean your furnace, ductwork, air conditioning, or dryer vent system we show up with the right experience, tools, and cleaning techniques required to perform the job properly. You can check out our page on QUADCA here: Home Pros Group

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Not All Duct Cleaning Services Are Created Equal.

Don’t fall for scammers, there are many companies that do provide great duct cleaning services, but there are a few scammers out there to watch for. One of the most common ways to get scammed is by having a company call your home and offer the duct cleaning service at a very low cost, then when they finish the work the price is much higher. Another way is when companies show up without the proper duct cleaning equipment and don’t really have the proper training or experience to perform the work. Do your research before hiring someone and try to get a firm cost before they start the work. Many companies have pricing systems that are very confusing and what seems like it will be a fair price quickly ballons into a much larger price.

Will cleaning my air ducts help with allergies?

Your air ducts are like the lungs of your home, so cleaning the ducts from time to time, (about every four years) is a great way to reduce the amount of dust, and other allergin particles that might be trapped in them.

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

1. duct cleaning reduces the number of allergens and irritants in the ducting.
2. Improves the airflow of your HVAC system.
3. Can remove unpleasant odors.
4. Increases the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment.
5. Can save monthly electricity costs.